InDesign Two: Advanced

Aimed at people who already have a level of knowledge and experience about InDesign in a professional environment, this course aims to sharpen their skills.


This is an advanced course intended for people who have used Adobe InDesign before. This course will give a practical and realistic guide to using InDesign in a commercial setting.

The course looks at methods of streamlining workflow, using RGB documents in CMYK setting, the effective use of Adobe Photoshop documents and many other issues.

Advanced InDesign shows the benefits that arise from using long document features – even in relatively short documents. The course provides a rigorous overview of file construction, starting with multiple masters and then using stylesheets embedded in each other to achieve an efficient and consistent environment for producing high quality documents.

Course Overview:

Revising InDesign, refreshing and reminding.

Setting up a document, ensuring document robustness and making the most of continual preflighting.

Using colour and working with transparency effects.

Importing and managing graphics, using the links pane to manage images and check image status. Identifying the correct image file format for a particular job.

Working with character, paragraph, object and table styles.

Using Tables for forms and structure. (Optional)

Using the book feature for long documents, generating tables of content.

Printing and exporting

PDF Files with form fields and interactivity. (Optional)

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, delegates should have a proficiency in a range of skills pertaining to publication design, including the usage of typography, colour, layout, tables, pictures, graphics, styles and producing a print-ready PDF.

Important: this course contains optional sessions, these sessions will be delivered on the basis of a discussion and assessment at the beginning of the course. It is not possible to cover all of them without adding an extra day.