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I have used InDesign since it launched and I have been training people in it almost as long. I also use it on a day-to-day basis to produce real documents for real clients on real jobs. Thus, this is not just head knowledge, but knowledge borne out of the experience of many job taken from conception to print.


I deliver InDesign courses in a number of venues, notably Western Computer and City of Bath College. Content varies along with course length and class size. Generally the courses at Western are intensive and tailored for the client while CoBC courses are more general. I am also available for private one-to-one tutoring.


Courses are run on a number of levels and bespoke content is available, Adobe Classroom in a Book is used as a basis for open courses, although the material adapted by being  anglicised and metric measurements are used for general measurements and page sizes.


Additional materials are also used, often based on past projects I have done and brought to print.


Courses available:


InDesign One: this is an introductory course. No previous knowledge is assumed. Teaching by worked example.


InDesign Two: this is the follow-on course to InDesign One. Teaching by worked example.


InDesign Three: the advanced course that also includes interactive features.


CPD InDesign for Publishing Professionals One: a course for those wishing to work in the publishing industry, assumes no prior knowledge and focusses on producing professional print.


CPD InDesign for Publishing Professionals Two: this is the follow-on course to the above and gives people a chance to work on their own projects or improve their work habits in a guided environment.


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About Steve

I've been drawing
pictures, designing
publications and
showing other
people how to do
the same as long
as I can remember.

I've been both a freelancer and employed in these capacities over the last 30 years, in which time I have gained a lot of experience in print, digital publishing and media.

I graduated with a LCAD in Surface Design from Chelsea School of Art London in 1976.

I am currently self-employed as a freelance designer and am a lecturer at City of Bath College and Bath Spa University.

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