InDesign for Professional Publishing One

This intensive term long course looks at the use of InDesign in a professional publishing environment. Students are shown the role of InDesign in taking the supplied assets – text, photographs, tables and other materials and turning them into a publication that will print reliably in a professional environment.

The course is suitable for people wishing to develop skills in professional publishing, either for themselves or so as to have a level of  competency to begin work in a studio as a junior.

The course mainly focuses on InDesign and a PDF based work flow, but includes references to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat where required.

The course assumes that students are starting at the beginning and makes no assumptions on prior knowledge. Learning is by worked example; students are encouraged to continue to work on their learning outside of college hours. Email support is offered for the duration of the course.

Outline content

The InDesign Workspace and Preferences.

Getting to know InDesign, a quick but detailed trip through a document.

Setting up InDesign documents correctly, managing page numbering and using multiple page sizes in a document.

Using objects, frames and guides, placing text and images.

When to use Photoshop and Illustrator. How to use transparency in Photoshop for effects in InDesign.

Using drawing tools and creating artwork in InDesign.

Flowing and editing text, learning about type.

Using colour, images, logos and photographs, understanding resolution and exploring transparency.

Printing and exporting from InDesign. Exploring files with Acrobat.

Please note this is outline only and shouldn’t be taken as a week-by-week guide.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, delegates should have a basic proficiency in a range of skills pertaining to publication design, including the usage of typography, colour, layout, pictures, graphics, styles and producing a print-ready PDF.