The picture of Santa (actually Stephen) on a rocket was 2011’s Christmas card, there’s a link on the picture if you would like to see the large version, this really doesn’t do it justice. Also in the picture are Stephen’s wife, Ruth, their cat at the time, Ruth’s Teddy Bear and his three sons. One of the sons did a charity walk and is represented by a couple of feet in the air.

The image with all the little people in it is one of many done for MissInformation’s Festival Spotter’s Guide, clicking the image will show the full illustration. You can find out more about this at the MissInformation website.

This is a map I drew for the Bath Fringe Festival. It started life a picture for Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) and was used in their publicity. It later graced the flyer for Bedlam Faire and was used in an advert in Arts England. The drawing was done in Illustrator using pictures from a variety of sources as reference. It’s a bit wobbly in the edges but is reasonably accurate in the middle. It took about three weeks on and off to draw. Initially it looked like it would be fairly quick, but once started I soon became bogged down in detail and lack of knowledge. If I were ever to do something like this again I would commission some photographs or go up in a balloon and take my own. I also think I would hand-draw it and colour it.

The image of the mincer at the side of this page is one of a series of illustrations of DNA. This one is a take on DNA engineering or something like that. Meat, although it could be plant matter if Stephen drew another version, is fed in at the top, fresh extracted DNA comes out the front. Meat was chosen because it was (!) more gory that plant matter and (2) the red/orange/brown contrasted nicely with the blues. Drawing the helix presented a minor challenge as getting the twists right was somewhat more tricky than expected. Stephen could have use all sorts of computer voodoo to simplify that part, but the challenge is to draw it freehand and bring the qualities that only freehand drawing will bring.