I’ve been doing graphic design for many years now. Clients in the main have been non-profits, with a selection of commercial clients. This is just a small selection, sometime I’ll put a website up with more samples. I was a very early adopter of electronic methods of production, right back in the early 1980’s. That gave me considerable advantages, although there were times when we could have been moving faster than the market was ready for. I had one of the first imagesetters (A Linotype machine) and I set up electronic publishing in a large number of companies in the south west. There’s a gallery page here or you can see specific clients below.

Western Computer

I have designed their brochures on and off for a number of years. Here’s a run of training guides. The more recent ones had covers dictated by Apple, so I haven’t included those although I did do the contents.


I have been doing Prospects’ newsletters  for about ten years now. “access to Life” is one of them, this one featuring my sister-in-law (left)  You can see more at Prospects own website.


I did Debra’s work for about 10 years until a change of agency resulted in that job being lost. It’s some of the work that I’m most proud of especially some of the annual reviews where I had a pretty free hand.

Zacs Place

“A place for raggamuffins” is run by my friend Sean Stillman. You can find out more about it here. I designed the logo and also contributed two of the artworks that hang there. They’re on view whenever Zac’s is open or by arrangement.