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What’s here:


These are pictures that have been published in magazines or used in similar publications.

Instructional and Maps

Steve’s done a lot of instructional images. These are just a very small selection.


This category has some of Steve’s personal Christmas cards – all of which feature him somewhere on them, along with party invitations and other similar work.


These are illustrations that were used in adverts, or the whole advert themselves. Steve’s designed adverts and direct mail for many people as well, those will be on the graphic design website in due course.

Graphic Design

Here some of the many design projects that Stephen’s done over the years.


A lot of Steve’s work can be considered cartooning, although he doesn’t always consider himself a cartoonist. A lot of the images have humour in them, although sometime it is very black and there have been several images that caused at the time some great upsets. Hovering over the image will tell the story – if there’s one to be told. Steve considers that cartoons shouldn’t just be funny. They should be capable of making a point.